• Hello! Welcome to my main hub.

    This school year 2017-18, I will be teaching:

    *Forensic Science Honors DC

    *AP Biology

    *Biology 2 Honors DC
    *Forensic Science Academic
    Biology is the study of life--and in each class, we focus on slightly different goals:  AP Biology hopes to train students to think like scientists by following a specially prepared AP syllabus that focuses on skill aquisition as well as content knowledge.  BIO 2 Honors (w/in the Health Sciences Academy) seeks to provide students the foundation for their future studeis in nursing and medicine with an emphasis upon human biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, and physiology---without sacrificing an understanding of other organisms like bacteria or plants, or broader levels of organization like the ecosystem.  
    Forensic Science is the application of science to the law.  In both courses, students will be asked to make claims, provide evidence, and reason their way to conclusions after learning about the following topics:  the law, types of evidence, crime scene processing, fingerprints, hair and fiber, drugs and toxicology, microscopy, determining time of death, trace evidence, blood and DNA, document analysis, and other topics like osteology.  The dual credit through Harrisburg U. moves at a more rapid pace, will involve greater detail of scientific experimentation, and provides a greater reading/case study load to the study as well as individual or small group projects.  
    For each class, I plan to create (but give me some time~)  an individual calendar, file set, expectations and homework page so please refer to them individually.
    Let's have a great year!!!