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  • Family and Consumer Science Education Course Selections

    8723 FOODS AND FINANCE 0.5 Credit Grades 9-10
    Foods and Finance introduces students to important life skills. Students will explore the concepts of nutrition, food handling, and the theory behind food preparation in a lab setting, as well as the basic financial skills that are used by families.

    9719 FOODS AND FINANCE II 0.5 Credit Grades 11-12
    This course provides the student many opportunities to advance their food preparation skills. Students will apply principles of food preparation and nutrition to lab settings. Foods and Finance II provides experiences in classroom theory as well as lab applications, and financial skills that are used by families.

    8733 NUTRITION FOR SPORTS 0.5 Credit Grades 9-10
    This course will help you eat right and give you an extra edge in your sports performance. Topics will include: nutrients, carb-loading, eating fast-food, performance-enhancing drugs, and sports beverages. This course is open to athletes and non-athletes.

    9763 CHILD DEVELOPMENT - CASH PRE-SCHOOL 1.0 Credit Grades 10-12
    This course provides students with the opportunity to plan and implement developmentally appropriate lessons for pre-school children. Students will gain knowledge about how children grow and develop, and apply their studies by teaching 4-5 year-old children who are enrolled in the CASH Pre-School.

    Following the successful completion of the Child Development class, the student teachers will take a leadership role in the daily activities and operations of the CASH Pre-School. This course is designed to prepare student teachers for potential careers in child care/education.

    8726 HOUSING DESIGN 0.5 Credit Grades 9-10
    Become an informed housing consumer. Learn to make the most of your surroundings by studying the elements of interior design. This study will include color applications, styles of houses, furniture styles, room layouts, and landscaping. Learn about computer aided design plus how to prepare drawings and present a design plan.

    9741 TEXTILE ARTS 0.5 Credit Grades 9-12
    Learn basic sewing techniques for clothing design, home decor, and the latest crafting methods in making great accessories. Students will be required to provide most of the materials for class projects. Students may elect to take this course each year.

    9743 BASIC FASHION CONSTRUCTION 1.0 Credit Grades 11-12
    This course is for those who are serious about fashion design and those who need sewing skills. Students must provide all materials for garments. Topics will include: pattern selection and layout, zippers, button holes, linings, and hems.

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