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    9714 MUSICAL SET DESIGN 0.5 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    This course is for the student with an interest in theatrical production. Through collaboration with the Drama Club, students will design playbills and props to be used in Drama Club productions. Other areas to be explored include mask making, puppetry, set design, costume and make-up design.

    9745 DRAWING AND PAINTING 0.5 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    This course is designed for those students who have an interest in learning basic drawing and painting skills and techniques. A variety of media such as: pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylics, and pastels will be explored.

    9747 INTRODUCTORY STUDIO ART 1.0 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    This course is designed for students who have an interest in art. Students will gain a solid foundation in the basic elements of art such as: composition, design, and art history. Students will also explore a variety of media such as: graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencil, pastels, tempera, watercolor, and acrylic paint.

    9750 AP STUDIO ART 1.0 Credit Grades 10-11-12  (Prerequisites: Advanced Studio Art and/or teacher recommendation)
    The Advanced Placement Studio Art Program enables the highly motivated student to do college level work in studio art while still in high school. The program is intended only for students seriously committed to studying art. Each student/candidate is expected to submit an extensive portfolio of artwork that can qualify for an evaluation by the College Entrance Examination Board of Princeton, New Jersey.

    9751 PAINTING 1.0 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    This course is an in depth exploration of painting media such as watercolors, tempera, and acrylics. Students study artwork of local artists as well as master painters. There are no prerequisites, however students should feel confident about their ability to draw. Students may elect to take this course each year.

    9754 ADVANCED PAINTING 1.0 Credit Grades 10-11-12   (Prerequisite: 85% in 9751 Painting) 
    This course builds on previous knowledge and basic skills learned in Painting 9751. Students will explore more technical approaches to painting while using watercolor, acrylic and oils. This course explores both traditional and contemporary painters and their painting styles. Students are encouraged to develop individual artistic styles while mastering varied traditional and non-traditional painting media. This course may require time outside of class to complete painting assignments.

    9758 CALLIGRAPHY 0.5 Credit Grades 11-12
    Students explore the exciting diversity of handwritten letters. Each student will develop the skills and knowledge to appreciate and enjoy lettering as an artistic expression. Students will learn a variety of lettering styles while utilizing several ink media and writing tools ranging from felt tipped pens to feather quills.

    9755 GRAPHIC DESIGN 1.0 Credit Grades 11-12
    Students will explore the field of visual communications through the use of traditional drawing skills and computers. Emphasis will be placed on developing a personal style using design elements, craftsmanship, and creativity.



    9715 INTRODUCTORY CERAMICS 0.5 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    Students will explore ceramic and sculpture forms using hand-building techniques, such as pinch, coil, and slab, supplemented by an introduction to the potter’s wheel. A variety of glaze and surface decorations will be used. Emphasis is placed upon original design and craftsmanship.

    9717 ADVANCED CERAMICS 0.5 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    (prerequisite: at least 85% in Introductory Ceramics)
    Students will continue the exploration of ceramic construction and decorative processes that were introduced in the introductory ceramics course. Further emphasis will be placed upon creative solutions to both functional and sculptural objects. Students should have the desire and strive to develop their technical expertise.

    9757 THREE DIMENSIONAL DESIGN 1.0 Credit Grades 10-11-12
    This course concentrates on various construction techniques in a wide variety of mediums to create both craft and sculptural objects. The histories and cultural aspects of both fields will be embedded within the project making process. Students should have an interest in and a desire to create original, crafted works of art. Students may elect to take this course each year.


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