Athletic Department Staff

  • Ms. Lisa Luciani - Director of Athletics, Activities, and Compliance K-12

    Ms. Luciani received her B.S in Health and Physical Education from East Stroudsburg University, an M.S in Curriculum Instruction from University of Scranton, and an M.S in Educational Leadership/Sports Administration from University of Michigan. Previously within the CASD, Ms. Luciani served as a Physical Education Teacher for 20 years, and as a middle school faculty manager for 4 years. While remaining a teacher, she also served multiple coaching positions in the athletic department including Assistant Swim Coach, Assistant Softball Coach, and Assistant Volleyball Coach.




    Mr. Dave Rode - High School Faculty Manager

    Mr. Dave Rode has has been involved in the CASD for 53 years. He received his B.S in Social Studies from Acadia University, NovaScotia, and proceeded to serve as a Social Studies teacher in the Coatesville Area Intermediate High School for 35 years. He has been in his current position as Faculty Manager for 45 years, and during the years also served as the 9th Grade Soccer Coach, JV Soccer Coach, 9th Grade Basketball Coach, and Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach.




    Ms. Meghan Gehr - Athletics and Activities Assistant

    Ms. Gehr received her B.S in Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University and competed as a Division II Volleyball Student Athlete. While receiving her Bachelor's, Ms. Gehr completed her internship in Athletic Administration for the NCAA Division III Centennial Conference. Within the CASD, Ms. Gehr also serves as a Game Manager and a C.A.L.C advisor. Outside of the CASD, Ms. Gehr coaches volleyball at the Parkesburg Point and is the Head Volleyball Coach at her Alma Mater in Lancaster, PA. 


    Mr. Jack Bixler - Athletic Trainer

    Mr. Bixler has a B.S in Athletic Training from Springifeld College and a M.S. in Post Professional Athletic Training from West Chester University. While obtaining his M.S, Jack worked as a Graduate Athletic Trainer at Chesnut Hill College for Women's Soccer & Women's Lacrosse. Along with his graduate position, Jack also had an athletic training internship with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the summer of 2022. 




    Ms. Jillian Lee - Athletic Trainer


    We are happy to welcome Ms. Jillian Lee, our new athletic trainer, starting this March! Ms. Lee received her B.S in Athletic Training from Lincoln University and competed as a Division II Volleyball Student-Athlete. Following college, she held the position of Head Athletic Trainer at New Town High School in Baltimore, MD. Jillian then decided to change her career path and attended the Wellness Institute of Chester County as she pursued medical therapy. After a few years in a new profession, Jillian is back in athletic training and is looking forward to working with our CASD student-athletes.