• CASD Board of School Directors

    Region 1: Valley Township and the City of Coatesville
    Region 2: Caln and West Brandywine Townships
    Region 3: East Fallowfield, West Caln and Sadsbury Townships, Modena and South Coatesville

  • Steven Wilson

      Steven                Wilson

         Region 1

         Term expires 2023

         Steven Wilson

  • Brandon J. Rhone

    Board Vice President

    Region 2

    Term expires 2023

    Brandon Rhone

  • Jen Shaut

        Jennifer            Shaut

          Region 2

          Term expires 2023

          Jennifer Shaut



  • Robert J. Fisher

    Board President

    Region 3

    Term expires 2025

    Robert Fisher

  • Lyryn Yacoe

        Lyryn                Yacoe

           Region 3

           Term expires 2023

           Lyryn Yacoe

  • Contact the Board
    If you have a question for the School Board, please email all Board of School Directors at schoolboard@casdschools.org.The School Board President traditionally answers emails but may add Administrators or Committee Chairs to answer specific questions.