Master Facilities Plan

  • A comprehensive Master Facilities Plan (MFP) is an essential element of a school district's process.  A Master Facilities Plan provides the district with information about:

    • current and future facility use and needs, including demographic and enrollment information
    • conditions of existing buildings
    • renovation and expansion requirements to support the district's educational and programmatic goals

    Our Master Facilities Plan Task Force will help to guide the District through the process of developing this plan, which will include public input and surveys. 

    We will provide regular updates throughout the school year.

    The plan will be presented to the School Board in May, 2023. 

    Schrader Group and ICS Group, companies that specialize in facilities use and planning and that work regularly with schools, developed reports that will be used in the development of our plan.

    Schrader Group/ICS Presentation to the Board on July 12, 2022