• CITIZENS WHO S.E.E.  is a Grass Roots, community volunteer advocacy group that is designed to provide FREE advocacy assistance for parents, caregivers and students of the Coatesville Area School District (CASD).  The primary intent of the group is to educate parents or caregivers and students of their rights related to the individual student’s needs, as well as provide assistance with documentation; attend school related meetings and functions; and to provide the insight to empower parents or caregivers and students during discussions with CASD administration.  
    Together we will work to ensure that the individual student’s educational needs are met.
    For more information contact us at  CITIZENSWHOSEE@gmail.com or 610.999.9308  : Rob Marshall, CEO 
    A Message from the Superintendent:
    The Coatesville Area School District desires to serve students and families well.  We believe that serving students and families well is best done through collaborative processes.  The Citizens who S.E.E. advocacy group has arisen out of the needs that were expressed in the public hearings that, among other things, highlighted the difficulties that parents and families were having as they attempted to access services for their children.  If you are a parent/guardian of a child with a disability it is my desire, and the desire of the District, that you feel supported as a strong, equal, partner in the education of your child.  Having someone at an IEP meeting is a wonderful opportunity to increase dialogue, and remember...'education changes with conversation'.  We welcome you and your support system into our schools.
    Best Regards,
    Dr. Cathy Taschner, Superintendent of Schools