Dr. Wilson T. Lambert Jr

Phone: 610-383-3745


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Degree Social Science 1979 M.S. Degree Education Administration 2007 Ed.D Educational Leadership 2012 PA Instructional II PA Administrative, Principal K-12

Dr. Wilson T. Lambert Jr

Hello Everyone!

     I am excited as we gear up to begin a new school year. I have served over 25yrs in both public and private education and served as both principal, teacher, and mentor to many middle and high school students over the years. Please allow me to share salient points about my values, experiences, and my core beliefs about leadership, education, and the work of developing students as learners.

     It is my perspective that education should be a process that develops young critical minds to learn of and understand the social, political, and economic systems which govern American society. Such knowledge ultimately provides students with skills and dispositions to create individual stability so that students will be able to navigate, participate, and ultimately contribute to American society thereby gaining full access and equitable particpation in their community and Global community. I belive strongly that our work begins with the strength that lies within the classroom at the school level. The interactions and relationships, as well as interventions which take place between teachers and students are the key to learning and maintaining a successful development process. However most important is fostering a climate hospitable, and conducive to learning with high expectations for all students. I am un-wavering and remain steadfast in the goal of doing what is in the best interest of the student. Please join us and our team in an effort to direct our young people into many paths of "limitless" opportunities for their future success.

Sincerely Wilson T. Lambert Jr. Ed.D