• Art


    Announcing the “Whenever Art Club”- an art club that meets whenever the need or fascination arises!  To understand how the “Whenever Art Club” works you pick up a calendar for the month off of Mrs. Baxter’s door.  Listed on that calendar are the days when the art club will meet.  The days will probably be consecutive (that is, days in a row) and the calendar will state the specific days and times.

     So if you’re interested in making things, helping out, painting, hanging up work in the hallways, or WHATEVER-  check out the “Whenever Art Club”.  Come one time or many.  Come according to your interest depending on the task.  All grades, all people welcome. 

     This month’s  calendar is on the art room door NOW!!!! September’s art activity is sign painting and card making  - two activities to beautify our school and make it an even better place!!!