• Music
    Mini-singers Choral Ensemble
    Representative:  Mr. C. Douglas Ballard
    Email Contact:  ballardd@casdschools.org
    Meeting Day, Time and Location:  Thursdays 2-4 PM in the band room.
    Purpose: The NBMS Mini-singers is an auditioned choir which performs advanced level choral
    music and travels to perform in the Music in the Parks Festival in Kurztown, PA.   They participate
    in the Winter and Spring Choral concerts.
    Requirements: auditions
    NBMS Jazz Ensemble
    Meeting Day, Time and Location:  In the spring on Wednesdays from 2-4 PM in the band room.
    Purpose: This is a select group of band musicians who perform fund, swing, bebop, and many other
    jazz styles in the traditional big band setting.  They are also the musical ambassadors for the school,
    performingin the local elementary schools as a recruiting tool.  Their main performance is in the
    Spring Band Concert.
    NBMS Holiday Ensemble
    Meeting Day, Time and Location:  in the fall on Wednesdays from 2-4PM.
    Purpose: This auditioned group of instrumentalists performs traditional carols without a conductor in
    a small ensemble setting.  They travel annually to the Exton Square Mall to perform for shoppers
    during the Holiday Season, and provide some music for the parents as they wait for the Winter Band
    and Chorus Concert to start.