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    These are the health services that are available to your child while attending Middle and High School.

    Mandated Physical Examinations are required in the Sixth Grade and Eleventh Grade.  It is recommended that you see your family doctor for this exam.  A private physician’s form is available from the school nurse/ nurse practitioner.  A school exam can be done by the school nurse practitioner.  You may be present if you desire.  If defects are found, you will be notified.  If you wish to have this exam done at school, written permission from the parent/guardian must be provided.

    Sports Examinations are required for Seventh thru Twelfth Graders who have signed up for a specific sport.  A student needs a full physical prior to the initial sport season.  After that a re-evaluation may be necessary if the student had a significant illness or injury.

    Dental Exams are required for Seventh Grade.  It is recommended that you have this exam done by your family dentist. A school dental screening may also be done by the school dentist. A private dentist’s form is available from the school nurse/ nurse practitioner; this form must be handed in PRIOR to the day of school dental screening. 

    Height and Weight will be measured every year, and Body Mass Index (BMI) will be calculated.  A report will be sent home.

    Vision Screening will be done every year.  Any indication of vision difficulty will be reported to the parent/guardian as soon as possible.

    Hearing Screening will be done for Seventh Graders and Eleventh Graders.  Parents will be notified if the student is in need of medical attention.

    Immunizations should be kept up to date. Please provide the school nurse with any additional immunizations received.

    Medication All prescription medication to be taken at school must be in a prescription bottle and accompanied by a signed letter of permission from the parent/guardian.  This letter should have the amount of medicine to be taken, times the medicine is to be taken, condition for which the medicine is given, and possible side effects of the medicine.  Over the counter medication must be in the original container, accompanied by the same type of note as well.


    Illness  The following are some symptoms which may mean that your child is ill.  Your child should remain at home when he/she has:

    Fever, chills                             Vomiting                                 Diarrhea

    Unusual skin rash                    Sore throat                              Enlarged glands

    Abdominal pain                      Running or inflamed eyes

    A child should remain home at least 24 hours without a fever and/or vomiting following an illness.

    By following these guidelines, you will protect not only the health of your child, but the health of his/her classmates.

    Note that your child will not be able to attend school if he/she is suffering from pink eye, head or body lice, impetigo, ring worm, scabies, unusual skin rash, severe sore throat or fever.


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