• Teacher:  Mr. Wise (wiseb@casdschools.org)


    Curriculum:  The Rise of Rome through the Scientific Revolution


    Beginnings of Rome                        Beginnings of Christianity

    Byzantium                                     Islam

    Japan and The Middle Ages             Renaissance

    Reformation                                  Scientific Revolution


    Grades:  Academic performance for the year will be assessed through a combination of tests, quizzes, assessment check-ins, homework, and unit activities/projects.  There will be approximately twelve graded assignments for each marking period.  It is my philosophy to give ‘NOW’ assignments, not ‘MAKE-UP’ assignments. Late submissions will receive a 10% deduction (per day). After one week, students receive a zero on the specific assignment.


    Grading Policy:

    40%- Assessments (Summative Assessments and Unit Tests)

    35%- Formatives (Quizzes, Check-Ins, Unit Activities/Projects)

    25%- Daily Work (Homework and Classwork)


    Rules and Expectations:

                - Respect Yourself – Arrive on time and be prepared. (3 lates = lunch detention)

                - Respect Others – Follow directions and show kindness.

                - Take Risks – Try something and learn from the outcomes.

                - Be Responsible – Do your work and stay positive.

    ***It is my expectation that every student will work cooperatively to set goals and crush them together!


    Logical Consequences: 

    - student conference              - parent contact via email/phone       - change of seat

    - lunch detention                     - classroom community service          - counselor conference

    - after-school detention          - administration referral

    ***Poor choices and mistakes will happen. Students must learn from their experiences and work cooperatively with home/school to make changes & move in a positive direction.


    Necessary Materials: 

    - 2 to 3 writing utensils (2 pencils & 1 pen)

    - 1 spiral or bound notebook

    - A folder or binder

    ***All other materials are optional at this point!


    Website:  Please refer to Mr. Wise’s teacher webpage for class info, homework, notes, study guides, readings, and other helpful links.

    Students should utilize Google Classroom for helpful materials and assignment submission.

    You can follow us on twitter @bwiseclassroom.



    Parents/Guardians...Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! My hope is that everyone is excited to get the semester started. I am beginning to reach out to everyone to introduce myself, touch base, and discuss the progress of each student. Please know that you can access our classroom activities/portfolio by checking the 'assignments' page and/or following us on twitter @bwiseclassroom. As always, thank you for the continued support and all that you do to ensure that your child is making positive progress each and every day!