• Read Across America Week 2/26- 3/2

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 2/26/2018

    Caln Read Across America Week


    Title: Read Across America

    Submitted by: Rebecca Richardson, Principal

    Caln Elementary School will be participating in Read Across America February 26-March 2, along with other elementary schools within the Coatesville Area School District.  Students and teachers are excited to read their favorite Dr. Seuss books and discuss literacy.  At Caln Elementary, Students will be participating in the following days:

    Monday: Mixed Up Monday--Wear mixed up or backwards clothing.

    Tuesday: Fox in Socks—Dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character.

    Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday!--Get crazy and style your hair in a wacky way or wear a hat to school.

    Thursday: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish--Wear red or blue to school.

    Friday: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!—Wear your favorite pair of socks.

    “Reading is an integral aspect of both a student’s education and life,” said Caln Principal Rebecca Richardson. “I love that our teachers provide students authentic experiences related to reading and literacy. Hosting the Read Across America Week allows for students to make exciting connections to literature.”

    The National Education Association’s Read Across America is now in its 20th year.  It is a program that focuses on motivating children to read.

     Read Across America


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  • Caln Book Fair February 12 through February 16- Sign up to Assist

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 2/9/2018

    Good Afternoon,

    Caln Elementary School will be hosting their bookfair February 12 through February 16.  We would love parent volunteers to assist.  Please sign up for your designated spot on the sign up genius.


    Information regarding the bookfair will be sent home with students today.  We look forward to our Bookfair beginning Monday, February 12.

    New Year, New Books! Open a doorway to new and exciting stories!!

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  • Soaring Above

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 2/5/2018

    Title: Soaring Above

    Submitted by: Rebecca Richardson, Principal

    Third grade students in Ms. DeSimone and Mrs. Daugherty’s classes at Caln Elementary School, used math and science skills to create airplanes. Their teachers developed an activity in which students had to think critically about the mathematical proportions of their plane, while also taking into account distance, and make a prediction about how far they believed their plane would go. 

    Once students made their predictions and were able to explain their process of developing the best plane possible, they tested their predictions. Students were able to apply the knowledge they are learning through the content to an activity that pertained to an every-day situation. 

     “I am excited to see students engaged in critical thinking, problem solving, thoughtful discussion, collaboration, predicting, and hypothesizing,” said Principal Rebecca Richardson.


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  • Caln Elementary Teachers Show their Philadelphia Eagles Pride!

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 2/1/2018

    Caln Elementary School Philadelphia Eagles Pride

    Caln Elementary School Faculty participated in a friendly competition with other CASD faculty and showed their true Eagles Spirit to cheer on our Philadelphia Eagles Football team for their superbowl exhibition.  Our teachers not only cheer hard for our students, by providing them with quality content and curriculum, while providing them opportunities to share and apply their knowledge on a daily basis, but they cheer hard for our local NFL team! We wish the Eagles all the best!

    Fly Eagles Fly! 

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  • Science Fair

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 12/4/2017

    Press Release

    Caln Elementary

    Science Fair

    Rebecca Richardson


    Our students at Caln Elementary School have been diligently working on science investigations and experiments.  Our students, Kindergarten through third grade worked as classes and small groups to understand and explore the scientific process. 

    “This opportunity for students to be engaged in exploratory practices through science and technology is a great experience to continue to expose our students to STEM concepts and knowledge.” Stated Ms. Richardson, Principal

    Our students made hypotheses and answered questions, while discussing and collaborating with peers about their observations and data collected.  Our fourth grade students are using the scientific method to investigate the answer to a question related to science.  It has been an exciting experience watching students work together. 

    This year, our fifth grade students are participating in the Junior Solar Sprint competition which is a part of the Army Educational Outreach Program.  The students have been learning about how objects can run on solar panel and have been exploring the benefits of solar energy. 

    The Junior Solar Sprint supports STEM related instruction, particularly in relation to engineering and alternative types of energy.  We are excited to see all of our students and classes participate in the science fair this year, because it is important to expose students to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. 


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  • Veteran's Administration

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 11/6/2017

    Caln Press Release

    Contact: Rebecca Richardson

    Caln Students Partner with Veteran’s Administration Medical Center Adopt-A-Grandparent Program

    Caln Elementary students in Grade 5 will be involved in a Community Service Project at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center located in Coatesville.  Our students have been extended an invitation to participate in the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center Adopt-A-Grandparent Program that has been long standing with participation from the Coatesville Area School District for more than 40 years.  This experiential service learning approach, outside of the classroom will have positive benefits for both the students and our community. 

    Paul, a current 5th grade student shared, “I am looking forward to making a veteran feel good by playing games, creating crats, and just having some fun with them.  It will be an honor to meet some of these wonderful people and learn about some of the wars they fought in.  I am fascinated with veterans, therefore, I know I am going to enjoy this experience.”

    Some of these benefits include developing and learning about the value of teamwork and seeing it in action.  Students will be applying critical thinking skills while refining their leadership abilities.  Students will have the opportunity to improve communication and practical skills in alternate settings as well. 

    A former Caln Elementary student and current Scott Middle School Student, Matt, shared, “Last year, I got to visit with people at the VA Hospital once a month.  When I was there, most of the time we played BINGO with the Veterans.  Other times, we played checkers, connect four, or other board games.  Sometimes the Veterans would tell us about when they fought in a war.  After we played games, we had snacks and juice together.  We served the snacks to the Veterans and then we got to have ours.  The Veterans fought for our rights and it was nice to spend time with them and to be able to give back and thank them for their hard work.”

    Through this experience, opportunity, and partnership with the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center of Coatesville, our students will be building relationships which will help to improve the quality of life for some veterans here in the Coatesville area.  Our students will walk away with a heart and understanding of giving back and helping others and will leave with a new perspective about veterans and their experiences.  Students are able to develop a feeling that their actions and the actions of others truly do make a difference in our lives.


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  • Fire Prevention

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 10/16/2017

    Caln Press Release


    Fire Prevention Week

    Rebecca Richardson


    Caln Elementary School participated in Fire Prevention Week and the students learned about fire safety during an assembly on October 12 with our Thorndale Firefighters. The students were thrilled to learn about how to make a plan at home in the case there is ever a fire.  Students shared ways in which they could ensure their safety in an evacuation of their home.  

    For the last 7 years, Kim Mattison, a local volunteer fire fighter and fire and life educator, as well as other fire fighters from Thorndale Fire Co. have visited Caln Elementary students to educate students about fire safety and fire prevention.  The students were able to learn about fire prevention, then had an opportunity to speak with fire fighters outside and learn about the fire trucks and apparatus that are used for fire safety and fire prevention. 

    The students hand an opportunity to ask the fire fighters questions about the equipment and apparatus that they use on a daily basis.  They were able to hear stories about the importance of training and knowing how to be prepared when they show up to the scene of a fire. 

    Caln Elementary students and staff look forward to the continued partnership with the Thorndale Fire Company and thank them for their support of our students and staff for many years ahead to discuss fire safety and fire prevention.


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  • Make a Difference Day

    Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 9/4/2017

    Make a Difference Day 2017

    Caln Press Release


    Once again, Caln Elementary School will be taking part in the National Make a Difference Day- Day of service. Make a Difference Day is one of the largest annual single-days of service nationwide.  Through the efforts put forth for Make a Difference Day, Volunteers are able to come together as one for a common mission of improving the lives of others. 

    Make a Difference Day evolved from the National Day of Service.  Through involvement in Make a Difference Day, it shows our students that anyone can help and make an impact on their community and the community of others. All of the efforts made by volunteers helps to make a difference in our communities as well and allows our students to learn about volunteering and service to the community.  

     Caln Elementary School has taken part in Make a Difference Day for over 20 years.  Each year, we pick a different cause to support. Our goal is to extend the Caln Compassion that our students and staff exhibit on a daily basis.  We come together to gather items, food, or money showing our true Caln Compassion.  On National Make a Difference, we have a culminating Assembly to celebrate our efforts.

    This year, we will be supporting efforts to help those affected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida.  It is important that our students help with a cause that they understand. Our goal is to ensure students are able to relate to the cause selected for Make a Difference day.   Our students and staff have expressed the need to help schools, students, and teachers that have been affected by the devastating hurricanes. A Fourth Grade Student, Kylee Bostic, stated, “ I would like to start a school  supply donation for the kids that lost their schools and personal belongings from the horrible storm.”  We have decided to adopt classrooms to make sure that the students in those areas have what they need to return to school, ready and prepared to learn, without having to worry about retrieving additional supplies after the devastation. 

    This year, each grade level will collect a specific items.  Our Kindergarten classes will be collecting Folders.  Our First Grade classes will be collecting crayons.  Our Second Grade classes will be collecting pencils.  Our Third Grade classes will be collecting glue and glue sticks. Our Fourth Grade classes will be collecting markers and dry erase markers.  Our Fifth Grade students will be collecting construction paper and loose leaf paper. We are looking forward to the collection of items beginning Monday, September 25, 2017 and ending on Friday, October 20, 2017.  Our students and staff are looking forward to our culminating Assembly to show our efforts on Friday, October 27, 2017.  We appreciate the community and the continued support of our efforts.  Make a Difference Day is a wonderful way to show our compassion, confidence, and courage as a Caln Family. 



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