Soaring Above

Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 2/5/2018

Title: Soaring Above

Submitted by: Rebecca Richardson, Principal

Third grade students in Ms. DeSimone and Mrs. Daugherty’s classes at Caln Elementary School, used math and science skills to create airplanes. Their teachers developed an activity in which students had to think critically about the mathematical proportions of their plane, while also taking into account distance, and make a prediction about how far they believed their plane would go. 

Once students made their predictions and were able to explain their process of developing the best plane possible, they tested their predictions. Students were able to apply the knowledge they are learning through the content to an activity that pertained to an every-day situation. 

 “I am excited to see students engaged in critical thinking, problem solving, thoughtful discussion, collaboration, predicting, and hypothesizing,” said Principal Rebecca Richardson.