A good start and end to the school day is as important as what happens during the school day.  We ask you to assist us in providing a safe beginning and end of each day.

    In the morning:

    1.  During arrival time, students may only be dropped off in the playground drop-off area. The doors open at 9:15 a.m. 

    2.  When dropping off your child, please have them exit your vehicle from the rear driver's side door.

    3.  Please do not get out of your vehicle.

    4.  If you need to drop something off at the office or with the teacher, please drop your child off first then park your vehicle and enter the school at the main entrance.  You must have a visitor's badge to enter the building.

    5.  Please follow the directions of Caln Teachers assigned to provide students with a safe arrival.

    In the afternoon:

    1.  All students must be picked up in the playground pick-up area.

    2.  Students are learning up to dismissal time.  Please arrive as close to the 3:45 p.m. dismissal time as possible.

    3.  Students will remain in their classes. 

    4. Names will be collected from the cars lined in the rows. 

    5. Remain in your car and remain with the line you are lined up in. 

    6. Students will be called by Rows to report to the pick up area.

    7. Students will be lined up and will be walked in order to the cars. 

    8.  Please stay in your car.

    9.  A note, email, of phone call will be needed to identify that a student is pick up.  This should be provided prior to the end of the day.  

    10.  If a child must be dismissed prior to the end of the day, the parent must send a note to the teacher in the morning that states the reason for early dismissal and the requested time. Early dismissals should be picked up no later than 3:15 p.m.