Fire Prevention

Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 10/16/2017

Caln Press Release


Fire Prevention Week

Rebecca Richardson


Caln Elementary School participated in Fire Prevention Week and the students learned about fire safety during an assembly on October 12 with our Thorndale Firefighters. The students were thrilled to learn about how to make a plan at home in the case there is ever a fire.  Students shared ways in which they could ensure their safety in an evacuation of their home.  

For the last 7 years, Kim Mattison, a local volunteer fire fighter and fire and life educator, as well as other fire fighters from Thorndale Fire Co. have visited Caln Elementary students to educate students about fire safety and fire prevention.  The students were able to learn about fire prevention, then had an opportunity to speak with fire fighters outside and learn about the fire trucks and apparatus that are used for fire safety and fire prevention. 

The students hand an opportunity to ask the fire fighters questions about the equipment and apparatus that they use on a daily basis.  They were able to hear stories about the importance of training and knowing how to be prepared when they show up to the scene of a fire. 

Caln Elementary students and staff look forward to the continued partnership with the Thorndale Fire Company and thank them for their support of our students and staff for many years ahead to discuss fire safety and fire prevention.