Science Fair

Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 12/4/2017

Press Release

Caln Elementary

Science Fair

Rebecca Richardson


Our students at Caln Elementary School have been diligently working on science investigations and experiments.  Our students, Kindergarten through third grade worked as classes and small groups to understand and explore the scientific process. 

“This opportunity for students to be engaged in exploratory practices through science and technology is a great experience to continue to expose our students to STEM concepts and knowledge.” Stated Ms. Richardson, Principal

Our students made hypotheses and answered questions, while discussing and collaborating with peers about their observations and data collected.  Our fourth grade students are using the scientific method to investigate the answer to a question related to science.  It has been an exciting experience watching students work together. 

This year, our fifth grade students are participating in the Junior Solar Sprint competition which is a part of the Army Educational Outreach Program.  The students have been learning about how objects can run on solar panel and have been exploring the benefits of solar energy. 

The Junior Solar Sprint supports STEM related instruction, particularly in relation to engineering and alternative types of energy.  We are excited to see all of our students and classes participate in the science fair this year, because it is important to expose students to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.