Science Department

  • The science department at Coatesville Area Intermediate High School recognizes the need to help students become informed citizens who understand scientific issues that impact our society and the global environment. We also believe that our students need to acquire scientific reasoning and thinking skills in order to become life-long learners able to apply reasoning skills to solving problems. We believe in the use of technology and hands on activities to accomplish these goals.

    Science Department Information

    The science department offers a variety of courses in the areas of Earth and Space Science, Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Physics.
    Advanced courses are available in Biology II(dual credit option through Lincoln University), Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry and AP Physics.
    Our state of the art lab facilities and equipment allow the science department to offer our students a special learning experience through lab activities and technology. See course listings below.

  • Science Fair Information:

    Science Fair is a required part of the curriculum for all Honors Earth and Space Science Students. All science students are encouraged to enter a science fair project in the District Science Fair. Links to the science fair workbook and research plan forms can be found below. Any student doing a project involving animals, biological, or dangerous materials must submit their forms prior to November 12th for SRC approval.

    Science Fair Workbook

    Science Fair Research Plan