Business and Information Technology Department

  • The Business and Information Technology department is committed to provide an opportunity for all students to be educated through immersion in our core courses which are designed to equip them with the competencies and skill sets needed to function in today's global technologically advanced society.

    We believe that a commitment to provide each student with the best and most technologically advanced academic, vocational and workplace literacy skills through our planned sequence of classes will lead to success in either advanced university study and or the workforce.

  • Business/Computer Technology Education Course Selections

    Please note that in courses where computer work is necessary, that computer work is to be done in school during class or through special arrangements, prior to or after school.


    8646   Keyboarding/Computer Applications            1 Credit       Grades 9-10

    Keyboarding/Computer Applications is designed to teach the “touch method” with acceptable speed and accuracy levels.  Students will also acquire an overview of word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentations, and integration using Microsoft Office programs.


    8605 Computer Applications             0.5 Credit     Grades 9-10

    Computer Applications will establish an overview of word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, presentations, business documents, and integration using Microsoft Office programs.


    8609   Entrepreneurship                 1 Credit      Grades 9-10

    Students will learn how to develop a business plan for small business start-up.  Other topics covered will include: different types of business ownership, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, and human resource management.  This course is highly recommended for students interested in majoring in a business-related field in college.


    8614   Personal Finance and Investment             0.5 Credit          Grade 10

    This is a comprehensive financial course that will develop students’ understanding and managing of educational and career goals, pay checks, checking accounts, budgets, credit and credit records, insurance, and investments. Computers will be used to enhance the realistic application of topics.


    8621   Microsoft Word and Excel                      0.5 Credit     Grades 9-10

    This course will cover introductory skills.  Students will learn to create and edit letters, memos, envelopes, basic reports, and resumes in Microsoft Word.  Students will also learn how to create, edit, and format spreadsheets, charts, and graphs using Microsoft Excel.  Students need to have prior computer knowledge before taking this class.


    8626  Intro to Computer & Video Game Programming          0.5 Credit     Grade 10

    This class is an introduction to Computer Programming using both the ALICE programming application and Microsoft Small Basic.  Students will be introduced to object oriented programming while creating animated movies and simple video games.  In ALICE, they will be introduced to production oriented programming languages like Java, C++, and C#.  In Small Basic, they will be introduced to .NET language similar to the Visual Basic programming language. 


    8636   Powerpoint / Desktop Publishing                           0.5 Credit     Grades 9-10

    Students will explore graphics and multimedia effects, and learn to create and edit presentations for on-screen display as well as for printed media using PowerPoint. Students will also produce custom designed brochures, flyers, newsletters, business cards, stationery, and promotional materials using desktop publishing programs.  Students need to have prior computer knowledge before taking this class.


    8657  Sports & Entertainment Marketing          1 Credit     Grades 9-10

    Students will study marketing for sports teams and sports products from high school through professional levels and from the entertainment industry.  Students will create marketing plans, discuss legal issues, and plan management strategies. 

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