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    8723   Foods and Finance          0.5 Credit      Grades 9-10

    Foods and Finance introduces students to important life skills. Students will explore the concepts of nutrition, food handling, and the theory behind food preparation in a lab setting, as well as the basic financial skills that are used by families.


    8726   Housing Design                0.5 Credit      Grades 9-10

    Become an informed housing consumer.  Learn to make the most of your surroundings by studying the elements of interior design.  This study will include color applications, styles of houses, furniture styles, room layouts, and landscaping.  Learn about computer aided design plus how to prepare drawings and present a design plan.


    8733 Nutrition for Sports       0.5 Credit      Grades 9-10

    This course will help you eat right and give you an extra edge in your sports performance.  Topics will include: nutrients, carb-loading, eating fast-food, performance-enhancing drugs, and sports beverages.  This course is open to athletes and non-athletes.

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