Being Organized and Ready for the Day!


    Student holding pencilOne of the most important skills to master in order to be successful in school is being organized!  Setting up routines is a great strategy.  I encourage you and your child to have a routine in place for when, where and how homework is to be completedWho is going to be the grown-up that will check & review the homework?  Who is going to sign the agenda?

    You may consider a plan for gathering the Homework Folder, Agenda, pencils and all papers that need to be returned back in the book bag each night and returned to school the following Backpackday.  Perhaps the packed book bag can stay in a special place ready to grab and catch the bus in the morning.  This will eliminate any last minute rushing that results in not being prepared for the school day. 

    Please help your child remember that they need their sneakers for P. E. every Day 1 & 5.  The children should come to school wearing the proper footwear.  We do not have time to change shoes between classes on a regular basis.  Of course, the exception is when extreme weather is a factor.