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Ms. Lorie Glackman

A bit about me as a teacher and teaching: While I was taking art classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, I had the opportunity to teach art to 2nd graders in North Philadelphia.  On my first day, I had a student come to me and ask, "If I stay in school, can I draw as as good as you?"  I was shocked that a 2nd grader was using that language especially at such a young age, "If I stay in school...?"  That young boy helped me realize that I wanted to help students stay in school, more importantly that young boy helped me realize I want to help students learn.  That's how I came to teach.  It truly is an honor for me to teach you, and I'm thankful that I am here to help you and your families navigate your education. 

A bit about me: I live in Ardmore, a Philadelphia suburb, which is about an hour from Coatesville.  Some favorites: yellow, fall, and pasta.   Some hobbies: creating, painting, reading, documenting, reflecting, yoga(ing), meditating, and learning.  Some things I strive to do weekly: experience nature, experience culture, connect with friends, and connect with family.

A bit of advice for my past, present, and future students (& families): Remember the most important thing you can do for yourself and your future is to learn to love reading since reading has been proven to bring you much success.  

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