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Superintendent Search Update

The Coatesville Area  School District

Superintendent Search Update


The Coatesville Area School Board (CASB) is pleased to announce that it is coming down the home stretch in the search for the District’s next superintendent of schools.


The  District received 21 applications for the position from a diverse candidate pool of experienced superintendents, assistant superintendents, and life-long educators. Eleven highly-qualified candidates were invited for a first round interview; of those 11, five advanced to second round interviews.


The Board is now in the process of meeting with the three semi-finalists in person. Prior to the third round of interviews, the Board is conducted a reference and background check on each of the semi-finalists.


The Board is very pleased with the caliber, diversity, breadth and depth of the candidate pool, and that it has, not one, but three excellent candidates at this stage from which to select the District’s next superintendent.


During the stay at home orders, the Board completed rigorous first and second round interviews via Zoom to determine the degree of fit between the community’s criteria and the candidate's professional experiences.  The interview process included questions, submission of an entry plan, and a detailed presentation to address the District’s most pressing issues.


As a result, the Board is confident that it will be able to find a superintendent who understands our district, understands all the dynamics of public education, and matches the criteria established by the Board and by the community at the focus groups conducted in late February  and early March, and as reported in the stakeholder survey conducted in April.


The Board appreciates the community’s patience during this highly confidential search process that was interrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We thank you for your continued support. 


It is the intent of the CASB to announce the next superintendent of the Coatesville Area School District at a public school board meeting in the relatively near future.