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King’s Highway Elementary School Teacher Wins Citadel Heart of Learning Grand Prize Award

King’s Highway Elementary School kindergarten teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Pandosh was honored with a Citadel Heart of Learning Award on Friday, May 17, during a surprise ceremony. The seven-year veteran of the school district was nominated by parents and staff for her dedication to students and engaging, hands-on teaching style. The award recognizes teachers across the region for their passion and dedication to their students.

“Mrs. Pandosh catapults all of her students to new heights,” said King’s Highway Principal Dr. Bridgette Miles. “She not only excels in the classroom but also serves as a mentor to new teachers and aspiring educators. As a leader of her grade level team, Mrs. Pandosh sets a shining example of excellence. Her commitment to keeping smiles on her students' faces and fostering a love of learning in them all is truly admirable and deeply valued.”

In the nomination forms, parents wrote that Mrs. Pandosh works hard to get to know every student and every family.

“My daughter could already read going into kindergarten, but she found so many ways to engage her, strengthen and improve her skills and make her feel successful every day,” wrote one parent. “She did the same for each child in the class. She invited parents to volunteer in the classroom and to help target students who were struggling with certain writing and math concepts. The impact she had on my child will continue through the years as she builds on her very solid kindergarten foundation.”

In their nominations, some parents wrote about the notes that Mrs. Pandosh included home to parents, explaining that test scores are just one way to measure a student’s progress, skills, and strengths.

“As an educator and former Citadel winner myself, I’m completely blown away by her skills, patience, and intuition,” wrote one parent in a nomination form. “Mrs. Pandosh dresses up in certain themed outfits to teach history lessons about different time periods. She balances almost 20 students from all different backgrounds and levels coming into kindergarten and getting them to learn lifelong fundamental skills. They are excited and engaged each day. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”

“Students in her class are able to learn so much about community, diversity and inclusion, friendship and social skills,” wrote one parent. “My daughter learned how to work with others in a way that will set her up for future success. She learned how to be resilient and how to be kind and compassionate towards others.”

Citadel has been running the award program for 23 years, and it has expanded across the Delaware Valley. Pandosh will receive $5,000 in funding to support her classroom.