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  •  Weekly Letters from Mr. Bentman  September 18, 2017

    Dear Friendship Families,

    We had a great week at Friendship.  As we begin a new week, I would like to share some information:

    1. There has been a change to the Spirit Days. On the last Friday of each month, Friendship will have Spirit Day. On Spirit Day, students have a choice of casual dress or  they can follow the Spirit Day Theme for the month.  The theme for September is Backwards Day.  Students may wear their clothes backwards.


    1. Friendship is always looking for volunteers to assist with many different school and PTO events. If you would like to chaperone a field trip, you will need to submit volunteer clearances and paperwork. Many other volunteer opportunities do not require full clearances. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the website or call the school at 610-383-3770.


    1. Join the Conversation! We have planned an informal adult session about mental health.  This event will take place on the evening of September 27th.   Attached is a detailed informational flyer. If you are interested in attending, please email me at


    1. There is still time to sign your fourth or fifth grader up for orchestra or band lessons. For more information on our music programs please email Mr. Brackin at or Mr. Guy at


    1. We will be updating the Friendship website throughout the year. Please visit the Friendship website and the CASD website for information throughout the year.  The website is a good resource for finding announcements and details regarding events as well as other district-related information.


    1. Want to better understand how to help your child with math? Please join us for an Everyday Mathinformational night on Thursday, September 21, 2017, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Reeceville Elementary School.  Jackie Fox and Katherine LaPila, our Everyday Math trainers, will be presenting valuable information about the program and how parents can help.  Additional information can be found on the district website under the curriculum department.

    I had the opportunity to see some of our fourth graders in action during an engaging Physical Education class.  Mr. Kornet planned two team- building activities for our students.  During one activity the fourth graders had the challenge of crossing an imaginary river by using only four stepping stones.  The span of the “river” required them to work as a team to organize, strategize, and execute their plan.  Students used good problem-solving skills to address the challenge, and collaboration proved effective in Physical Education as well as in all subjects.  I was very impressed with our fourth grader’s perseverance.

    I would like to thank the Friendship community for a wonderful Patriots Day Ceremony this past Monday.  It was inspiring to see our students honor and give thanks to the heroes of September 11, 2001, and the local first responders who keep our community safe.  I would like to wish our community a great week.

    Warm Regards,

    Brad Bentman

    Weekly Letters from Mr. Bentman  September 11, 2017


    Dear Friendship Families,

    A few notes:

    1. Our PTO is working hard to plan great events for our school year. We always need more volunteers and there are many ways to get involved. Contact Stephanie Martin at if you’d like to learn more!
      1. Our next PTO meeting will be held on October 4th at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Library.


    1. Fall pictures will be taken September 20th. Students may dress casually on Picture Day. 


    1. The first Spirit Day will be held on September 29th. The theme for September 29th will be Backwards Day.  Students may wear their uniform clothing backwards.


    1. Friendship’s instrumental teachers, Mr. Brackin, Mr. Sullivan, and Guy are signing 4th and 5th grade students up to play an orchestra or band instrument. The Coatesville Area School District has an excellent music program.  This is a great opportunity for our 4th and 5th graders to get involved in an extra-curricular activity.  If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument, please fill out the music form and send it in with your child. Please call the school at 610-383-3770 if you have any questions, or you can email to Mr. Brackin at or to Mr. Sullivan at



    1. Lasco, Principal’s Secretary for Friendship, will be leaving us for a new position. I am extremely happy for Mrs. Lasco as she is about to embark on this new endeavor. Mrs. Lasco was a great part of the Friendship family and we all wish her luck!


    I wanted to share with you some of the great things I’ve seen happening in our classrooms:   During one first grade math lesson, Mrs. Norton’s students were in pairs engaged in a cooperative learning game called “Bunny Hop 0 - 10.”   I noticed students having fun playing opposite one another other.  The students were speaking in mathematical language and focusing on accuracy while they counted, and were having fun learning and reviewing how to use math tools such as a number line. 

    Mrs. Fonde’s fourth grade classroom was working on a similar standard but at the fourth- grade level. Instead of using the number line tool for accuracy of numbers, the students were adding three-digit numbers together in their heads.  Everyday Mathematics calls this “mental math.”

    Great work is happening in all of our classrooms!

    Have a wonderful week.

    Best Regards,

    Brad Bentman


    Weekly Letters from Mr. Bentman  September 5, 2017

    Wow, what a great start to a new school year! Your children were enthusiastic and ready to learn last Monday.  I would like to thank our Friendship Families for supporting the children’s reading during the summer.  It is great to see all the summer reading postcards that were delivered to the building. Throughout the first week, your children were engaged in reading, building a classroom community, team building activities, learning their new grade-level expectations and procedures, and much more.

    This year, we have made changes to our breakfast, lunch, and recess structure:

    • Breakfast is now being delivered to the classroom each morning only for the students who order the previous day. 
    • Our classroom teachers are passing out the food and managing the orders for the next day.  This allows our students to go directly to their classroom as soon as they arrive.  Our classroom teachers are doing an amazing job with the new process. 
    • Please make sure you contact the school if you do not want your child to receive a school breakfast.
    • The lunch period is a full thirty minutes.  Our kindergarteners and second graders are in the first lunch, first and third graders are in the second lunch, and fourth and fifth graders are in the third lunch.  Students have more time to eat and socialize with their classmates. We also have the support of some of our teachers in the cafeteria, and they are doing a fabulous job keeping a positive lunch room environment.  
    • Recess is fifteen minutes for all grade levels.  During, recess each class is supervised by a recess aide.  This allows for a better student-to-aide ratio.  
    • Structured games will be introduced to the students to help build a strong and positive school community while engaging in physical play. 
    • Separating recess from lunch helps by adding another break in the day for students to have some time outside of the classroom. 

    In the past, the last Friday of the month has been a casual dress day for the students.  This year, the last Friday will be a Spirit Day.  Each month will be a different theme.  Students will need to wear their school uniform but can incorporate the Spirit Day theme into their outfits.  Please stay tuned for what the first Spirit Day theme will be for September 29th.

    The biggest new initiative this school year is the incorporation of the Units of Study balanced literacy structure.  This philosophy for teaching reading will have our students reading and talking about their reading as well as listening to others read. The reading workshop hour is the core part of the English Language Arts block.  I will provide more information and observations from my classroom visits in future letters.  

    There were many important forms and papers that were sent home with the students on the first day.  Please fill out the forms and send them back with your child if you have not done so already.  I would like to thank the students, teachers, and parents for all of the hard work during the first week of school!  We will have our first PTO meeting on September 6th in the Friendship Library starting at 6:30 PM.  Please come out and join us.

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