•  NBMS Athletics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    When is my child eligible to participate in interscholastic sports?

    Beginning in 7th grade, students may participate in interscholastic sports.   


    Why can’t 6th grade students participate in middle school sports?

    The PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) only permits 7th and 8th grade students to compete at the middle school level. 


    Does my child need a physical in order to try-out for a sport?

    Yes, the PIAA requires that every student-athlete has a sports physical prior to trying out/competing for any athletic team (including cheerleading).


    Where can I get the physical done?

    There are a few options.  Athletes can have a physical exam completed by their personal physician, a clinic like Med Center 100 or CVS, or at North Brandywine Middle School.  When scheduling a physical, try to have it done on or after June 1st and be sure that you have the physical paperwork with you.


    Are there specific forms that I need to take with me when I take my child for his/her physical?

    Yes.  The physical forms are on our school website and we have hard copies in our main office.  Here is a link to the PIAA website to download the forms.  http://www.piaa.org/assets/web/documents/Section%20VII%20Forms.%20CIPPE_FORM_SECTIONS_1_2_3_4_5_6_AND_7.pdf


    When does my child need to have the physical done?

    All student-athletes must have a completed physical on file in our nurse’s office prior to the first day of tryouts.  A student may not try-out without a valid physical on file.


    My son/daughter had a physical already, does this count?

    No, your child must have a sports physical completed with the proper paperwork signed by the doctor.  The physical must also have been performed on or after June 1st.


    Does the school offer sports physicals?

    Yes we do provide sports physicals at North for $10 cash only (sorry no checks).  The dates are provided on our morning and afternoon announcements, listed in our newsletter, and posted on our website.  The date for fall sports physicals is August 29, 2013. Dates for physicals for winter and spring sports will be announced at a later date.


    My son/daughter had a sports physical done for fall sports.  Does he/she need to have another one done if he/she is trying out for a winter or spring sport?

    No your child does not need a new physical.  If you participated in a fall sport at NBMS and were injured, the parent/guardian form should say this and you must be re-certified by the doctor who performed your original physical.


    Am I able to take my son/daughter with me following the game? 

    Yes, you must submit a note to the coach stating that you would like to take your child home with you after the game. 


     How can I find out more about the PIAA rules and regulations?

    You can visit their website at http://www.piaa.org


    What sports are offered at NBMS?


    Boys Soccer


    Cross Country

    Girls Soccer




    Boys Basketball


    Girls Basketball





    Girl’s Lacrosse


    Track and Field