• Welcome to Room 26....
    cat at desk  
    All students will have access to our Google classroom page.  To access it go to classroom.google.com...
    Then click the + [plus] button on top right hand corrner.
    Put in the classroom code -  nafx6vi
    Follow directions from there.
    Starting on APRIL 14th.  You will see announcement for the week as well as assignments that will be posted.
    Most work will be done by clicking on the documents and typing your answers in the boxes.  I know that this will be a learning experience for both you and I so take your time and don't give up.
    I will be online with access to my CASD email on M-W- F from 2:30-3:00 and T-Th  8:30-9:00 for you to ask questions and I can set up a virtual ZOOM meeting to talk to you directly.