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                                                                                                      March 17, 2020
    Hi Boys and Girls, and Parents of room 36,
    I pray for everyone's health and safety during this unusual time and hope a little fresh air is part of your daily schedule.
    I wanted to get some books to you, but was told to hold on to them. We can look forward to reading about the Tusgagee Airmen as soon as we get back to school. It's the book I told you about which were given for each of you, to keep, by West Chester University.
    Reading everyday for as long as possible - 35 minutes - is a good goal. If you do a few Math practice sheets from the district web site, write a short summary of what you've read and follow the LA directions on the CASD site, your brains will stay "in practice"  :)
    It might be a good time to sort through your back back and homework folder. Any unfinished work in there will be accepted as "completed" upon return to school.
    I hope everyone has plenty to read at home - remember that re-reading something you read once, always allows you to have a deeper  insight into the characters and plot, and reading a simpler book to younger siblings is also fine practice as well.
    For those of you who enjoyed our yoga/mindful stretching in school - you could even try these at home - maybe with sisters or brothers!
    Finally, if you get channel 12 - WHYY on the TV it often has interesting programs that stimulate new ideas.
    Enjoy your time off. You're all in my thoughts.
    Truly,Ms. Sinton