• Sports and Entertainment Marketing 2020 -2021

    Sports Marketing


    Thank you for visiting our Sports and Entertainment Marketing course page.  This course is designed to provide a comprehensive look at the organizational structures and managerial concepts and processes found in entertainment and sport industries. Students will be introduced to leadership theory, as well as the tools and techniques involved in running a sport, fitness, or entertainment organization. Simulation programs will be used to simulate running the many phases of a football franchise, including promotion, ticket pricing strategies, evaluating stadium and concert locations, control operations, staffing, and more.      

    In the class this year we are going to learn the aspects of marketing through access our prior knowledge of sports and entertainment.  We apply this knowledge to the aspects of marketing, promotion and brand.  We will attempt to relate the academic skills learned in Sports and Entertainment Marketing to many other courses and develop connections between school and the “real world.”

    Please follow any of the links below for essential information, resources and assignments concerning the course this school year.

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    As you all know we are starting the year virtually. We will be meeting through Zoom for our class.  I will send out the Zoom meeting information for the class in the email accounts of the students and Parents.

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