Science Fair

  • Good luck to our 3rd-5th grade Reeceville Elementary School scientists as they move on to the district and/or county science fairs! Ryan, Carrigain, Colby, Autumn & Barbie- we are so proud of you and good luck! Also, Mrs. Canning says- "May the force be with you!"  <(-_-)>

How to Get Involved in the School Science Fair!

Sci Fair
  • 2021

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    Haga clic aquí: Página web de la feria de ciencias en español 


    Stop SIgn Before you go any further- Do you have a Science Fair notebook? Be sure that you write in it every time you work on your science fair project! Be sure to put the date at the top each time. This year, you may type your notebook in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, if you want. Start your notebook today! You will use all of your notes when you make your display board at the end. Record everything and start today!!  Your science research notebook is worth 20 out of 100 points when you are judged!  


    The Reeceville Elementary School Science Fair is a "feeder fair" for the Coastesville Area School District Science Fair (3rd-12th grades) and also the Chester County-wide Jonas Salk Fair (4th & 5th grades)! 



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    Click here & complete this form, if you plan to enter an at-home/independent project in this year's Reeceville Elementary School Science Fair!

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    All students (K-5th) are invited to complete an independent/at-home science fair project to be entered in the Reeceville Elementary School Science Fair. Students can work by themselves or in a team of up to three students from the same grade level. (The only exception is that 4th and 5th graders may work together on one team). All research projects must be approved by Mrs. Canning, the school science fair coordinator, prior to experimentation, building, or testing of any kind begins!! 

    • The top three projects in each 3rd, 4th & 5th grades will be invited to move on to the Coatesville District-Wide Science Fair!

    • The top five projects in each 4th & 5th grades will be invited to move on to the Chester County-wide science fair, called the Jonas Salk Fair!  4th & 5th grade students who are interested in county-wide competition must complete all required forms and return them to Mrs. Canning ASAP and before any experimenting begins!! (Scroll down for details...)

     ****IMPORTANT NOTE-- Any projects using human subjects, vertebrate animals (even your pet dog!), or microorganisms (like mold), body fluids, human or animal tissues (even baby teeth!) all require special approvals!!  Please contact Mrs. Canning early in the science fair season for help with this if you are interested in any of these kinds of projects!!!  



    All digital display boards are due to Mrs. Canning by MONDAY, JANUARY 11th!  Share to 


    Reeceville Elementary School Science Fair Judging (K-5th)   THURSDAY, JANUARY 14th, 2021 (during the school day in ZOOM)


    Reeceville Elementary School Virtual Science Fair (K-5th) FRIDAY, JANUARY 15th, 2021 (See our digital displays boards from virtually anywhere!)


    Coatesville School District Fair (3rd-12th by invitation) FRIDAY, JANUARY 29th, 2021


    Jonas Salk Fair, county-wide competition (4th & 5th by invitation) FRIDAY, MARCH 19th, 2021 

    Friday, January 29th- online registrations due to CCIU (Mrs. Canning will do this!)

    Tuesday, February 2nd- all paperwork due to the CCIU!!!  (Mrs. Canning will do this!!)

    Tuesday, March 2nd- Uploaded Projects Due to the CCIU (Mrs. Canning will do this!!)

    March 5th-11th - Preliminary Review by Judges

    March 11th 14th- Interview Sign-Ups- (Just the top 20% of projects get interviewed)

    March 16th-18th- Interviews (We provide a Zoom link, 3 minutes for each interview)

    Tuesday, March 23rd  7PM  Awards Ceremony (Virtual)


    Display Board

    Digital Display Boards!

    You must use one of the following fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and the minimum font size is 10pt.

    Click the link below to make a copy of a template in Google Slides. You only should click on this once, after that, you will find your copy in your Google Drive (cloud storage).


     ****Click here to make a copy of the TEMPLATE****

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    Before submitting your final display board, from Google Slides, click: File > Download > .pdf.  You will email your final digital display board to Mrs. Canning as a .pdf by Monday, January 11th, 2021.  



    The short, videos linked below are a great place to start to learn about a science fair project:

    NASA on How To Do A Science Fair project!

    scientific method

    Here are some resources to help you understand in detail what a science fair project is:

    Science Fair Guide

    Science Fair Presentation 

    Cyberbee Web Site on Science Fair


    Here are some web sites to help you get a question for your project:

    (but... the best science fair questions come to you as you pay attention to questions in your daily life!!!) 


    Click here for 200 science fair project ideas!!!!


    Here is the judging sheet:

    Project Judging Sheet



    **4th and 5th grade projects only,** that aspire to move on to the Jonas Salk county-wide fair, require the completion and approval of forms. These forms must be completed and turned in to Mrs. Canning for approval before any actual experimentaion, building, or testing begins. (This is for safety and also for verification that the student's proposal qualifies as a science fair or engineering project.)

    CLICK HERE to go to the ISEF site for the required forms. You can also email Mrs. Canning for hard copies of the forms, if needed. These are the forms that must be turned in to Mrs. Canning and approved ASAP for all 4th & 5th grade projects that hope to move to the county level fair:

    FORM 1

    FORM 1A

    FORM 1B

    FORM 3


    Projects in the following areas require special forms & approvals with strict due dates. Check with Mrs. Canning ASAP for any of the following kinds of projects:

    -Human Participants- FORM 4  (Attach your blank Informed Consent form)

    -Vertebrate Animals Form- FORM 5A (Studies on ANY vertebrate animal require special outside approval!)

    *Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents- FORM 6A (ex.any mold, blood, saliva, etc.)

    *Human & Vertebrate Animal Tissue- FORM 6B (ex.- any body fluids, cells, organs, *even using baby teeth* from a vertebrate animal)

    * These two project types almost always also require: FORM 1C and also FORM 2 AND almost always need to be conducted with a qualified scienctist in a "Biosafety" Lab setting.


    Projects that move on to the Jonas Salk Fair must be entered into a category.  CLICK HERE for a list of categories!