4th Grade Science

  • ** UPDATE- March 13, 2020- Please see below for 4th grade work to be completed during possible school closures:



    Fourth grade students complete three Project Lead the Way modules:

    • Energy: Collisions
      • Two types of energy- Potential vs. Kinetic Energy, Collisions
      • Using VEX building kits- Build and experiement with a pendulum and a vehicle released from different height on a ramp.
      • Final Problem- Modify your vehicle to keep an egg passenger from breaking on impact!!
    • Human Brain
      • Parts of the brain
      • Build and label a brain model using modeling clay, Our Senses as inputs and muscles as outputs for the nervous system, Reaction Time and Memory
      • Final Problem- Create a video for other studenst on concussion symptoms or concussion prevention!
    • Energy: Conversion
      • Eneregy Sources/Reneable & Non-Renewable, Conversion of forms of energy from one type to another
      • Using VEX building kits- Build and experiement with a bicycle and a pulley system, Exploration centers with hand warmers, glow sticks, electricity generator
      • Final Problem- Build a model system for students to use to unload boxes at food pantry from a food drive.
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