Welcome to Mr. Sheehan's Introduction to Computer and Video Game Programming 


    Office Thank you for visiting our classroom page.  The Intro to Computer and Video Game Programming course here on campus is designed to build and develop the computer programming knowledge and skills in the students that proceed through the course. We work in three stages. The first is Kodu and introductory programming platform that allows us to develop the understanding to basic programming and algorithm design. Second, we work in a programming software called Alice. Alice is a programming development tool that allows the student to explore the dynamics and elements of coding with a tile based environment reducing the complexity and syntax errors. The third section is Small Basic, a programming developer that allows the student to learn the written programming language in a .net style to prepare them for work with other .net languages like Visual Basic.

    We work on the fundamental programming practices, skills and content to create a deeper understand of the programming of a compute. The goal of the course is to introduce the elements of programming to our students and develop a skill that they might not have tapped yet.

    This course did not run at the 11/12 building for the 2018 -2019 school year.  If you are interested in coding and thehis course next year please come see me and or your guidance counsler for additional information.

    Code Warriors:

    To begin developing the knowledge of written code syntax we are going to work in the Code Warriors platform.  We are working on the Python language using this software.

    Click the link to access our class: Code Warriors

    To access the class resources and software websites please click on the links below.

    Kodu Game Lab - Stage one of the course

    Kodu Game Lab

    Alice.org - Stage two of the course


    Small Basic - Stage three of the course

    Small Basic