• Welcome to Mr. Sheehan's AP Computer Science Principals 2019-20

    Office Thank you for visiting our classroom page.  The AP Computer Science Principals course here on campus is designed to build and develop the Computer Science knowledge and skill in the students that proceed through the course, to manage, grow and maximize their understanding of the content area. We work on the fundamental computational practices, skills and content to create a deeper understand of the industry of computer science and its reach globally, economically and personally. The goal of the course is prepare our students to not only excel in the AP content but to prepare themselves for the rigors of education at the next level.

    This year the course also has the opportunity to earn dual credit through Harrisburg University.

    I have enclosed the information below.

    Please follow any of the links below for essential information, resources and assignments concerning the course this school year. The one below is the online software interface that the students log into to complete assignments, use study tools, read the text and complete numerous other content interactions.  

    To access the class NGLSync, where the textbook and all class activities are housed, please click on the link below.

     AP Computer Science Principals Web Resources

     NGLSync LogoHU Logo edhesive

    Harrisburg University Dual-Enrollment

    Edhesive - Introduction to Computer Science and Python

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