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    Welcome to Senior English class: Honors level or Advanced Placement Literature and Composition. Daily, students are encouraged to read, discuss, and write on literature and academic articles that support our essential questions. Students are arranged in pods of three or four with Table Leaders that rotate throughout the school year. By dialoguing with their peers, students are becoming stronger thinkers and communicators. The process of learning and practicing involves others - each student is provided support and time for reflection on 'how' they learn. I encourage all the scholars in my room to practice a growth mindset by being open to new ideas, by revisiting text for deeper understanding, to practice writing "moves" necessary for collegiate writing, and to value stories told by a myriad of authors who voices navigate us towards the link to humanity.

    What We Do is What We Value

    Students select their own indpendent reading novels; 10 minutes is devoted each class to read.

    Students dissect 10 words each week for vocabulary study.

    Students practice grammar each week by writing on vocabulary and literature.

    Students write daily for reflection and evaluation; we implement the Collins Writing Program.

    Students read academic, non-fiction articles, view TEDtalks, analyze charts and surveys, and explicate the Great Works of Literature.

    Students learn and implement academic writing moves such as 'forwarding' and 'countering' - essential for collegiate writing.

    Students write formal, inquiry-based papers to edit and revise.